Tuesday, July 13, 2010

and everythings magic!

hey people! im at new place right now :) things run smoothly so far. hope will get better la :) yes!!! everythings magic! our project lastly pull out a new record! alhamdulillah. glad to be! not to forget! please visit our band,type clowns and conspircies on the search bar ;) thanks!

living happily with sayeiii! <3 :D:D unimap its not bad tho ;) making new friends out here.. learning kelantanese language. hahaha funn!

miss my family so much! and afina :) so takecare guys,hope you all success in life and blessed by The Almighty ;) have a nice day!

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troriq said...

hang ada band noo? stai x habaq. mai myspace