Monday, May 31, 2010

M to the O to the R to the O to the N

i simply dont know why u tend to hate me so much. keep saying bad things in your blog. hm i just dont know why. if its made you happy and satisfy you until end of time,keep it up..cuz you'll end to be nothing,even much to be a LOSER. got me?

seriously guys,even how much u guys hate me or saying bad things to me.. i never tend to hate u guys seriously. people make mistake brah. mark that. we aint perfect. show how perfect u guys to me before act like cow. using your penis or pussy as thinking mechanism. never crossed my mind to hate guys. im not that kind of. hm. think before you act dude. bye

i just wanna be friends with you like always. was that so hard? i dont think so.

have a nice day,


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yess..u are rite dude..most people like to say bad 'bout others but actually they also sucks!