Monday, March 15, 2010

I consider this blog as my true friend.

sorry guys. sorry for everything..i know that i had dissapointed u really sorry.. actually since came back from the camp. i fell sick..seriously sick.. ive lost my interest towards food and my currently weight is 47kg only..i had really lost a number of kilos. mmg teruk. compare to my actual weight before get into the camp is 60kg.

im lost. im lost in my own darkess side.. really lost. i cant think,i cant recall,i even cant do anything.. im sorry for whom may consider.

faa,im sorry..sorry for everything.sorry for making u terasa with me or kecil hati..
mya,sorry..really sorry and i know my 'sorry' thing cant change anything.. since we known each other,im really sorry..

to all,im kneeling to u guys and beg your forgiveness/apologize due to my wrong doings for the past and now..takecare guys.

im really gonna leave soon and i know you all cant wait....


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