Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back home ;)

never been this great since a month plus plus at PLKN! phewww. happy,sad,excited,etc :) i cant believe i could made this far with help from my friends at PLKN.i miss u guys!

home feel GREAT as usual :) the smell of my room. the condition of the toilet.. waaaaaaaaaa!:D syok syok.

btw,having your birthday at PLKN is fun? huh i dont think so! no one wouldnt even know my birthday..yeah.. as usual again :) but i dont really mind at all :) but for whom that wish me guys,im really really grateful and wanna say millions thanks to y'all :) may allah bless us ;)

PLKN aint that fun fyi..the cure for all this time being is to have your funniest friends at the scene.. and that is priceless i tell u :)

so guys,im going to Terengganu on next saturday for a family short trip :)

so thats all for now and im off to bed! see ya!

1 comment:

fatdjasni said...

besday aku depa clbrate.
bes jugak..