Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Theres nothing left to say,
theres nothing i could do,
im sorry

school holidays will be spending at the hospital..
no one knows about it.
better do not churn about it..

everyday..'tense' obviously been my best friend since abah came back home..

theres many other stories.. i just dont know where to start and how to start..
i guess u guys known about it earlier..

cause u bunch of dicktwat that dont know how to respect other people's personal life problems...
u guys dont know what is MY problem,so better shut the fuck up before i mess with u guys.. feel me?it feels like,- what if i tell everyone in the whole world that youre mom got siplis cause kept playing with many guys dick..what chu feel bro?

no one couldnt be trust now..it dissapointed me..seriously..hm..
and if this was a revenge to me,and im really sorry for my bad behavior...i do..

hm thats all.. im no more interested to update my blog..i dont know why..maybe it cause from u guys,you ugly motherfucka i hope u guys burn in hell with this shit!!!