Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hardest goodbye.. -end-

hello 2010,bye bye 2009..
2009 had been many sweet memories..thru ups and downs..been in love just like heaven.. ;)
2009,memories,still fresh in my mind..

one more thing,i'll be going to the camp on this saturday..i would like to say thanks for all you guys out there about anything that u all done for me..i really appriciate it.i will be invisible for couples of months and i guess it will satisfied everyone without hafiz hafifi besides:)

to M,im sorry for all my faults..i really do..staying with you such a great moment to be M,seriously...but,theres something missing in both of us that i really cant get through it sorry and i really do..take a good care of yourself..and to M's friends,im so sorry that ive broke you guys promise..a promise that to takecare M in what ever kind of situation and be with sorry you guys..i know im such a jerk,i deserve to "pi mati la senang",i deserve to be "accident moto mati cepat cepat"..i know i deserve it for what have i done to everyone..i just waiting for God's calls and leave this short life at world..and if i "leave" sooner than u guys,i just want u guys know that i always watching and praying fr u guys up there..praying for your success in life and afterlife..i promise that...and i really wanted to say sorry to M,and everyone that ive hurt their time will come guys... :) takecare y'all...all the best.. salam....


Myaa Nordin said...

your love is a lie.
been in love just like in heaven? oh yeah, with A

Myaa Nordin said...
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