Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Big Apologize

Yeah .. i'll take this as a chance to say,

-im sorry bob,mat anip,suhail,amin,arip,anith,and to everybody that i always consider as my bestbuds..IM REALLY SORRY for my past behaviour until now...i really do..
i seek for your apologize for what ive done and said to u guys that hurt u the really really sorry bro..and i know its all my fault,u guys..
hm im sorry that i messed up our friendship..again,IM SORRY GUYS

"imma creep,imma weirdo...what the hell im doing here...i dont belong hereee..."-creep by radiohead

million thanks to my best buddy,fakharuddin jasni :) i love you bro... aku sorry la bg hg terasa ka apa bro:( aku srry sgttttt bro..friendship never end bro:) youre always be my best man/bud bro!

1 comment:

Dee Caleb said...

Awwwww, i hope things well get better like it used to be? Remember the old times always .