Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ive heard one of my friends story about lost of her mother. it was a sad story...really sad... The lost of her mother brings a HUGE impact to her. Shes facing many kinds of problems after her lost and taught her how to be independent.. Everyday or every problem she had will end up with tears. Bcs she lost her 'A TRUSTED FRIEND' that is her mom... a 'place' that she could tell all of her problems,stories..

Mom is a great source of inspiration for all of us, throughout our lives. Her power and love can't be matched by any other force on this earth. A mother's greatness and her sense of sacrifice have inspired people from time to time.. So friends,seek for mom forgiveness..make them happy fr this upcoming Mother's Day.. I LOVE YOU MOM.. and for those whom lost their mom,AL-FATIHAH for them. Comot,u still got friends,father,siblings,me that always there fr you.. okay? life must go on..


f y n said...

apeas , i think i know who your friend is :)

Hafiz Hafifi said...

:) and you do peanut