Monday, March 23, 2009

Its been so longggggggggggggggg

hellooooo. quite a moment since i posted my last post:)

so i just got back from perak(which is my kmpung) and kuala lumpur(ergh) couple days ago..penattt.
got some pretty interesting announcement today..

i.left 4 dead -ing with my dudess

ii.just found out that kyna face looks like rozita che wann(in this picture).perghhhh!

iii.heard Kak La voice singing Almost Lover By A Fine Frenzy is so should i say comel?:) yeahh

iv.reading Dato' Amar blog which is very very fantastic blog and mahir dalam bahasa melayuu:) nice bro

anyways,my studies are always in the flow i must say..SPM is getting near. so i should be prepare with my revision and all of that...

So,gotta go peeps:) see ya tommorow(kalau rajin laa:P)
bye and takecare!:) have a nice dayy y'all!

i just found out this picture in my folders.this is captured on last year at hadi's kenduri


syakila (: said...

apeas comel toek.

Amar Abdillah said...

vavis ada link up aku
thanks sebab view !
tiba masa utk aku link kan ank kt latest features.