Monday, March 23, 2009

Its been so longggggggggggggggg

hellooooo. quite a moment since i posted my last post:)

so i just got back from perak(which is my kmpung) and kuala lumpur(ergh) couple days ago..penattt.
got some pretty interesting announcement today..

i.left 4 dead -ing with my dudess

ii.just found out that kyna face looks like rozita che wann(in this picture).perghhhh!

iii.heard Kak La voice singing Almost Lover By A Fine Frenzy is so should i say comel?:) yeahh

iv.reading Dato' Amar blog which is very very fantastic blog and mahir dalam bahasa melayuu:) nice bro

anyways,my studies are always in the flow i must say..SPM is getting near. so i should be prepare with my revision and all of that...

So,gotta go peeps:) see ya tommorow(kalau rajin laa:P)
bye and takecare!:) have a nice dayy y'all!

i just found out this picture in my folders.this is captured on last year at hadi's kenduri


Anonymous said...

apeas comel toek.

Amar Abdillah said...

vavis ada link up aku
thanks sebab view !
tiba masa utk aku link kan ank kt latest features.