Tuesday, November 25, 2008

love gunnnnnnnnnnnnnn

hello blog,hello guys, ;)
to make my blog stay as interesting blog of all,here im gonna share with u one of my wonderful moment;)

on last sunday,i woke up quite early;8am.me,abah,izat and pakcik were headed to PASAR LOKEN;some area in IPOH.i was excited.cant wait to see an antique vinal player,an old camera,old radios etc

as i walk while drool around,i saw a piles of old cameras.i was like,whoaaaaaaaaaa!
then i asked the uncle how much cost per camera,and he said"1-lima ringgittttttt"..WHATTAFUCKKK
aku pun tunggu apa lagi.pilih laaaaa..then abah whispered to me,"pilih tiga,nnti mintak kurang"..i chose kodak,minolta and ricoh.total cost was;10 ringgit.hahahha.pity u!..

back home,mama mummbled at me;seronok la tuuuu. and i was like,smiling all dayyyyyyyy ;P

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ikwann said...

serious thailand best oh aku dh pergi last 2 years ago:)