Tuesday, October 21, 2008


its been like months i did not post anything.yeah i know about my last post.kinda lame.but that is.friends.

friends are like everything to me.especially all my closed one.i sounds silly when i talk about this.rite?yeah its better than someone that wouldnt ever care about friendship.i just never thought that boys will had their own friendship problems.hm.boys got their own egoes

it seems that i had a badddd frustrated in myself.dont ask why.

so again,another lame post.im sorry.

and now i have to face it,FRIEND(s) CHEAT FRIEND(s) FACE IT FOLKS!

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tkah. said...

don't get shock laa if guys are also having friendship problem. act neither guys nor girls are the same. if they didnt put the trustworthy and keep blaming each others, the friendship wouldnt easily repaired. high egoes are normal to ppl. like u say, face it folks. yeah, its really make sense. for what we want to wait for them if they don't accept us then. im sorry if it don't mke sense. chill! :)