Saturday, September 20, 2008

tg belanja,parit,perak,rock city

eyah.i just came back from kmpung.i love the kmpung's feels like a big relief when we arrived knoww;)
i reached kmpung at 0615pm on friday.i still could make it for berbuka puasa with all the families.i smiled all the night seeing my grandma smiling happily when we came.;) (kesian org tua tu..haihh).so i ate a lot ;P im proud to say that my grandma is a great cook:D i didnt do my terawih that night bcs im the one who gonna takecare hafifi jr. and on saturday 20.09.08 me and izat,abah going to ipoh search for kasut raya izat.heh and came back to kmpung approximately 0705pm.grandma cook one of my fav dishes that is 'ikan keli smbal'.it was FANTASTIC! pergh! fingah lickin good.heha.i lovit after berbuka,we prepared for maghrib and headed back for home,alorstar.i miss my grandma ;( shes still running thru my mind.i still rmmber she kissed me on the cheek.i miss my little-creepy-naughty cousins.hhe.i miss u all at kmpunggg!!

have a nice day,regards.

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