Thursday, September 11, 2008

ride on,fuck yeah.

"sound check sound check.are we rolling?"

pfft.exams.i just hate exams.exams makes me wanna pee and,i hate exams.

we just past our monthly test that is sept screwed up.seriously.i didnt expect to get an A from all my papers,if not wow that is one of my 'most shocking moments'.hehe.

the moment i got my addmath exam paper,i started to,as a prfssional sleeper is slept,and slept for the last 5 minutes..i pethatic i am:P
again,ayad saves me with severals ques.heh.thanks ayad.

ok about my chemistry teacher.god!.frankly speaking,i hate her.huh!.i dont know why.because of her behavior?im pretty sure that is.urgh shes fucking irrating ya know.

so thats all got to say for now;) hands off.god bless us;)

"we gotta live with rock and roll!"

hafiz 8==D

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