Monday, September 8, 2008

kawan means friends

assalamualaikum.;) alhamdulillah to The Great Almighty Allah s.w.t. for giving me oxygen to breath in His world.a selawat for our last prophet Rasulullah s.a.w

in malay we called friends is kawan.a true loyal friend will always stay on ur behind isnt it?:) yess,in this post im gonna tell u about my two bestmate that i ever had.:)

ok we start with bob.i met bob back in 2006 in think.when we were in form day,i went to him at his desk where he sat and i started chat with him.but unfortunately i got no positive feedback instead a silent conversation.then on NEXT MONTH later bob changes his place due to his absent for a MONTH cause of his parents to mecca doing,he sat next to me.and on that day we start to know each about school friends,his secondary school.we talked too much:D and day after day,month after month.we became a good bestfriend till now;) and ilovehim.i dont wanna lose him(even sounds like a desprate gayboy next door).

ok,we head on for my next bestmate,hadi.:)i met hadi approximately in the end of 2006.we met in a skate session at school:) hm.and after the skate session we started to change exprience in skating.tell many more..heh.hadi is a quiet person.he didnt talk much.but when he talks about music or cameras,hmph bamm!.hadi and i were friends until now.we're like one big and hadi frequently shared some stories,stories abt girls:P,problems and more.same just like bob,i dont want lose him.he is a good best friend i ever had now.

i hope we'all will still be in touch together after the school.friends forever dude.i love u guys.u both rock my world;)

hmph thats all that i could churn out about my friends.actually there is more but..hmph nvermind;)

i hope u guys were in good health.happy fasting.pray a lot.god bless us;) assalamualaikum.;)