Wednesday, September 10, 2008

an evening

assalamualaikum wbt.

in this post,i got nothing much to then,yesterday i gerak to bob's house.i wanted to be there bcause;
a)grab my pendrive
b)watch zohan

hehe.i brought d70 along with,we had a little photoshoot.after the photoshoot around 0630pm,we headed our way to nearest bazaar ramadhan.i bought some 'kebab daging'.delishh! :P sebab lapa kot:P
its like an hour we waited for that kebab.whew.i came home late.i was in a rush.

i done my terawih at opah's after the terawih,we had some 'moreh'.so after the 'moreh.we headed back home.hmph.came home,switched on laptop.bla bla bla.

i watched toystory1 last night.teheee.recall all the memories ;P i miss woody and buzz.