Sunday, September 14, 2008


yes.cocksucker.thats the perfect label for the fucking-spastic-cocksucking-prefects.huh.yes,its true what.they're the parasites in the school comunity.sucking their own discipline teachers's cock.pathetic loser.

so here it goes.
i woke up late today.text dayue.then i took a shower and all that takes about i went to school around 7.30am.hhehe.VERY THE LATE.the moment i reached at school,all these fucking-bastard-prefects waiting for their late-comers and trapped in their own fantasy 'perangkap' or something.and i was like,"ahh..shit..not againn!" after the marking-the late-comers-session of these prefects said to me,"turun dari moto..tun-tun moto smpai garage"..and i was like,"whatthafuckk!" will be embrassing moment for me.mannn.ive got,i pun tun-tun la the moto.after passing by the teacher's block i drove my bike,and headed to garage with my muka 'selamba' :P.after i put on single stance of my bike,justin(a prefect) 'maki-maki' me infront the others prefect.fuck.then i yell to him,"babi la,klau aku naik moto smpai garage macam hg nak kena buang sekolah".haha.then i pun cam.whew.lega gila:P

went back from school at 0230pm.text dayue.and take a longgggg nap:P:P

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