Friday, September 12, 2008

bukak puasa with friends

hey folks;) so today i will tell u about the bukak puasa thing. ok here it goes

our class leader,fuzai told we all that on this friday we gonna held some bkk puasa,we all agreed with fuzai.i brought izat(my adik) came along with me.we reached at TESCO late.approximately around,0705pm.i dah 'kalut' already saw hadi buying a plate of nasi me and bro agreed to buy KFC.i was thinking that KFC served fast,apparently,NOT!.we waited for half an hour.urghh.and yes,i was the last guy standing heh.and guess what,bob never show off.and me and hadi was wondering why.hmm.and suddenly,fuzai said,"bob tak dpt mai,parents dia tak bagi,dia dok bebai"..ohh no wonder why he switched off his phone.sorry bob

so after the ate scene done.we,that is hadi,bad,ayad,nanka,black,fared,etc start 'merayau' all over TESCO.i bought ps2 cd game which is sold at the game shop.hehe.and its 0816pm,nangka wanna shisha-ing at hutan kmpung.he invited me to came along,but i said "nahh,jauhh" :) so everyone start to back home.and me and izat went back home by

it was a fun-happy-crazeeee gathering;P so thats all for today..
keys off..bye guys!

hafiz ;)


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