Thursday, September 25, 2008

berbuka puasa

we had a berbuka puasa gathering AGAIN last was was like one whole class were AGAIN,im the one who was late be there.:P sorry guys.
after ate,we chill just a minute at and after we chill,we headed our way to pacific that were like a miles there,we went to skybowl since fuzai wanted to i joined 'em.the bowl part was pretty hilarious.i came along with the name SOFEA haha.and bob's one was POPIA.hadi's was JOEY RAMONES.pfft.*weh aku envy dgn baju ramones hg*hehe.after that,we went all over and im searching for my raya's shirt.but yet,couldnt find it.hmm so we had informed that fuzai and friends were at mcd.we went there.after kinda long chat,hadi make a move.particularly,im following hadi.we went back home approximately,around it was a big day for me and my frens.:)

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