Monday, September 15, 2008


heh banquet its a song from a band called bloc party;)

so today i woke up bit early.text shower and headed to school around 0715am.hehe got the chem paper.haha.failed and fucked:P
bla bla.skip the boring part of came home,take a nap and around 0430pm i took a shower and went to ayad's house.heh.i went to ayad's for;

a)play his techdeck on his handmade park*pergh!*
b)online since my laptop being repair
c)meet my buds?hell yeah!

and came home from ayad's house at 0715pm hm.what a blast evening :D i miss photoshoot-ing with my buds.hurmmm.

anddddd dayue just called me ayam golek.haha whatafuck:P

hands up.bye:D

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Lacroix Dayue'O said...

hahaha btol what? dh kne panggang then u golek2 jd arh ayam golekk begookk! ahahhahah ;P wahh failed chem? cemerlang anda yea