Tuesday, September 16, 2008

bad stomachache

yeaa damnn.really bad one.it was like 10 times i gone to the bathroom.
so,i woke up at 0300pm.hm i felt little dizzy.should i tell that i skip school?hm yess.i text dayue and tell her that im having a bad foodpoisoning.so,with a smelly smell from myself,i drooled around my room and 'layan' my stomachache.hrm.it sucks.i almost just cant do anything than lying on bed like a decease.hmm.then,dayue called me.and shes laughed hardly the moment i told her that i had gone for the bathroom like 24hours.heh.i went to nearest bazaar and buyed some karipap and the others.i didnt terawih tonight.hm.err now i feel like wanna go take a loo.ok done.keys off bye!

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